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Luminous Marked Cards and texas analyzer

Established in 2002, Golden Sunshine Entertainment Products Limited is specialized in developing the newest and the most sophisticated products in the world, such as marked cards, Infrared contact lenses, Invisible ink, Texas Hold'em scanning system and Omaha scanning system, Infrared scanning camera. Much sure they not for cheating device

Invisible Infrared Marked Cards

You can read the invisible luminous marks in the middle of the back of our Infrared Marked Cards after wearing our infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, which cannot be seen by naked eyes.
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This is a classic marker card, it can only be seen infrared camera.
This infrared marked cards many companies in the sales, but most company sells products, the quality is a problem. For example: UV glasses can seen, or the naked eye can see, or you can use a pen to write(), or color deviation greatly. These are terrible problem.
However, we make infrared marker card there is no such problem, you can rest assured that use. Of course, our prices will be high compared to other companies, because we use the best ink, the best technology, the best teacher to production.

Texas Hold'em Scanning System and Omaha Scanning System and AKK analyzer

Our latest Texas Hold'em and Omaha Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Hold'em and Omaha game. It can be operated by only one person. Within 0.5 second, it can tell you the first and the second winner, even the rank of all players. The accuracy of the device can be 100%. It responds in an incredible speed. When you know you will get the best hand, are you still hesitant?

Infrared scanning camera

This camera is specially reader infrared marked card, very popular in European countries.
We have engineers tailored infrared camera, which can make the shape of the lamp, vase shape, kettle shape, hat shape, sound shape, as long as you have the nerve, we can produce.
The distance from camera to cards is 1 m to 10 m. Of course, the greater the distance, the more expensive its price.

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