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  • The ultra playing cards scanner we provide can works with poker scanner system to read and analyze the magic marking decks effectively and predict the poker game result acculately.
  • After adjust the nice position of smoke detector , we can scan the whole table to see marking of invisible playing cards.
  • The practical water bottle poker cards readers provided by our company can works with invisible barcode marking decks as well as poker analyzer system to help you to predict the poker games result accurately.
  • The marking deck marked by invisible ink pen or delicate printer machine of our company can works with omnipotent infrared contact lenses to help player see through the cards in Blackjack games.
  • CVK 400 poker analyzer system is a effective poker games predictor to tell you the accurate invisible marked deck games result.
  • The luminous infrared sunglasses we provide are in good quality.
  • Cell phone charger provided by our company can help you to read marked deck markings easily.
  • Our professional Bicycle marked playing cards can works with luminous contact lenses or infrared sunglasses well.
  • You can use our professional watch poker scanning camera to read marked cards easily and freely.
  • NTP marked cards is one of the marked playing cards in our company.
  • A HD scanning camera lens is inserted into the BMW cards key to help users read barcode marked cards in all environment.
  • CVK 350 poker analyzer system needs to cooperate with extra scanning camera, but it is also relatively convenient to operate.
  • There are various kinds of long distance and short scanning scope scanning camera lens in top quality supplied by Golden Sunshine.
  • The skin-covered mini earpiece supplied by Golden Sunshine helps users to know the poker cards outcome without miss-hearing.
  • Golden Sunshine skillful technicians processing the universal power bank with imported high definition scanning camera lens in high privacy perfectly.
  • The remote control dices devices of GS can be a reliable predictor of dice players and are praised by many customers around the world.
  • Marked Copag 139 cards is one of hot sale products of GS, it can provide a speical playing experience for all players.
  • Two sorts of makred Bicycle cards help poker players to enjoy the cards games are available.
  • The latest poker analyzer is a manufactured Iphone 6, users can use it to do whatever the normal Iphone 6 can do and can be a digital fiber optic poker analyzer distributor help users to read the normal poker cards.
  • Copag 4 Season Summer Edition series playing cards are made up by 100% plastic and it is very suitable to mark as marked cards.
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Name: Samm IP: Time: 2017-04-26 16:49:02
Content:Hi I think my cards are being marked how many diff types of ink is there do u sell a contact lenses that checks all diff ie uv ink I luminous ink ivr ink night vision ink
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of luminous ink and contact lenses to check ink. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!
Name: amit IP: Time: 2017-04-21 20:48:00
Content:what the price for Infrared Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes ? what the price for one pack of texas holdem card ? thanks.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of marked cards poker analyzer. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!
Name: Gerry Koutougos IP: Time: 2017-04-20 10:44:00
Content:Hell. I am interested to purchase 4 decks of COPAG 1546 Marked Cards Large numbers. 2 RED and 2 GREEN. Please email me back details and price. To be mail to Victoria BC, Canada, V8M 2C2
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of marked cards poker analyzer. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!

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