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  • AKK A1 poker hand analyzer with a built-in poker scanning camera is the newest barcode marked playing cards winner predictor.
  • Blue eyes marked cards infrared contact lenses are one kind of poker cards contact lenses which are suitable for blue eyes to reading backside marking invisible luminous ink cards.
  • Chip tray poker card reader has good position to read the barcode marked playing cards and work with poker hand analyzer to predict the accurate poker game reasults for poker players.
  • We are the best marked cards manufacturer and marking profesional BEE luminous invisible ink playing cards as well as edged poker cards.
  • Our wallet playing cards exchanger with magic tricks for it can help you get poker cards in poker games you want. Here we have this kind of secret poker accessories tool for sale.
  • The X-ray dices scanning device is the latest dice cheating device which can help you see through this dice bowl directly and then you can know the dice number.
  • With a hidden scanning camera inside, perspective poker table can be a secret poker cards reader for users to read the marked cards as well as non-marked decks effectively.
  • Due to the advantage of hanging on the wall, wall clock playing cards scanner could be made to long distance or short distance scanning cards reader. Wall clock camera is good devices for scanning edge side marked cards.
  • Edged barcode marked deck cards is made by special invisible ink which can be read and calculated by poker cards reader and poker hand analyzer.
  • Modiano marked playing cards with backside invisible luminous ink are able to be read by infrared marked decks glasses or UV invisible ink contact lenses.
  • We can provide various kinds of marked Bicycle cards work with both invisible ink contact lenses and poker scanner in very kinds of poker cards games.
  • Infrared contact lenses and ultra IR sunglasses can help poker players to read the back marked cards which made of best luminous invisible ink recipe.
  • No matter what kind of dominoes, all could be marked with invisible luminous ink markings which only could be seen by infrared marked cards contact lenses or ultraviolet poker glasses.
  • Using the ultra luminous invisible ink marked cards contact lenses to work with infrared marked playing cards can help poker players to handle Baccarat games easily.
  • 6 deck cards shuffler with a mini HD scanning camera lens provided by our company can help Baccarat poker players to shuffle the cards conveniently and make them know the cards in advance.
  • How does infrared lamp camera scan infrared ink marked cards? We fixed a mini spy camera lens inside lamp for reading clearly backside marking playing cards with invisible infrared ink.
  • BMW car keys can plays as a remote controller to help poker players operating the poker scanning camera as well as different poker hand analyzers to predict the odds of playing cards games.
  • What is wireless remote control dices devices include? The entire remote control dices devices system includes dice board, remote controller and several dices hidden with magic magnetism. They are good helper in your marked cards dices games.
  • The Magic ultra infrared sunglasses provided by our company is a good choice for poker players see through the invisible ink marked playing cards and know the points and suits of every piece of poker cards in various kinds of poker games.
  • The marked cards 007 intercom can work with poker analyzer Iphone or other marked decks devices to predict the invisible ink marked playing cards games results.
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Name: Samm IP: Time: 2017-04-26 16:49:02
Content:Hi I think my cards are being marked how many diff types of ink is there do u sell a contact lenses that checks all diff ie uv ink I luminous ink ivr ink night vision ink
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of luminous ink and contact lenses to check ink. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!
Name: amit IP: Time: 2017-04-21 20:48:00
Content:what the price for Infrared Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes ? what the price for one pack of texas holdem card ? thanks.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of marked cards poker analyzer. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!
Name: Gerry Koutougos IP: Time: 2017-04-20 10:44:00
Content:Hell. I am interested to purchase 4 decks of COPAG 1546 Marked Cards Large numbers. 2 RED and 2 GREEN. Please email me back details and price. To be mail to Victoria BC, Canada, V8M 2C2
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry of marked cards poker analyzer. I have sent you message by whats app, please check and reply. Thanks and have a good day!

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